Rapid Data Application Development

Government & Corporate Projects Welcome

Rapid Application Deployment

Phase I Database and UI design to allow immediate data collection as fast as within one week. Start-up varies on individual project requirements

Phase II Build out application as required by the client with phase I in place

Phase III Provide routine maintenance, technical and user support, and build out enhancements as requested

Data applications are hosted on Windows Servers, utilizing state-of-the-art OS services

Data applications are written in FoxPro and xml platforms, providing powerful, flexible and quick turn-around performance

Applications can be hosted on cloud environments, providing scalability as needed

Data Collection

Users can add data using desktop and/or mobile browser pages

Data can be added using remote API calls to us and/or API calls to remote servers

Data can be added using remote API calls to us and/or API calls to remote servers

Data Applications

As data is collected, we provide data analysis that meet the business rules of the client

Reports can be delivered to browsers or email in various formats

Custom back-end data services to support front-end application requirements

Data Application Hosting

Store your application on our servers

Store your application within our cloud accounts

Store your application within your own cloud account

Data Security

Access by users can be user & password protected

https secure connections to our servers and your data

Data stored away from public access, protecting against hack attacks

30 Years Data Experience

Law enforcement records keeping and dispatch software development

Medical device manufacturing and medical office management software development

State & Federal government data interface development via http and sftp protocols

Entertainment and pay-per-view platform data and user interface development

Video production and internet streaming deployment

Business application with employee interface development

Data hand-shaking with remote systems via http and sftp. Data scrapping.

XML, JSon and text file data transporting and storage

Database design, application development and UI data access deployment

Data Application Services

Database and storage design, deployed in envornments to allow for growth and data integrity

Desktop and mobile browser based data collection and report pages, and API platforms for remote server data hand-shaking

Back-end application development to fulfill the data analysis and busniess rule needs of the project

Application & Data Hosting

Monthly Data & Application Maintenance

Technical and User Support Services

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