Fox Application Server - cjbowen - This desktop fox application runs fox prg code as requested. The application can run up to 15 different fox instances, by use of the shell exec and declare commands. Requests for delivered via a DO WI - [learn more]

Fox Task Scheduler - cjbowen - This desktop application runs programs (prg files) as scheduled. The UI displays currently running programs. Programs can be scheduled as follows: 1.By the minute (I.e. every 5 minutes) 2.By the - [learn more]

AWS S3 Bucket Engine - cjbowen - This program is a collection of functions (set procedure to) that makes AWS S3 communications easy from within your fox code. We use the Chilkat classes (required) for making the various calls to S3. - [learn more]

ChilKat Fox Code Library - cjbowen - This is a collection of Chilkat http calls using foxpro code. The Chilkat website has examples, but you can spend many hours making the object properties work for scenario at hand. Foxpro using the C - [learn more]

ActiveVFP Enhancements - cjbowen - This is a collection of fox code examples we have used to enhance ActiveVFP. Such enhancements include: 1. Handler that captures both form and querystring variables into an object that you can use - [learn more]

Fox Tables & XML Mass Data Storage - cjbowen - This is an on-going research and development project that will allow foxpro applications to have access to a billion record set without the need of using external dbase systems, such as SQL, at minima - [learn more]

NeeviaPDF Fox Code Examples - cjbowen - Save time and download our neeviapdf example code snippets, rather than converting the VB examples availalbe on the neeviapdf website. We have examples for the merge, stamp and compress utilites. - [learn more]

Fox and the Cloud - Azure Deployment w/ VM Workers - cjbowen - This "How To" manual explains how to build a VM data server and use VM workers to make ActiveVFP calls to your data within an Azure Cloud account. If configured correctly, your VM workers will allow f - [learn more]