ChilKat HTTP Communications Software - - The activeX version of the Chilkat DLL collection can be used as an object from wirthin your fox code. The Chilkat website has foxpro examples and support is exteremely reliable. Great for http reque - [learn more]

I-Macros - - I-Macros scripts can be used from within fox code, allowing you to scrap websites and collect data from within fox. This product is very reliable and well written. - [learn more]

NeeviaPDF - cjbowen - The NeeviaPDF family of utilities, ie.e pdfstamp, pdfmerge, pdfcompress, pdfencrypt (and more) all can be run as objects from within fox. They don't have fox examples, but the VB examples are close e - [learn more]

West-Wind Web Connection - - This is a VFP web application framework. The package has a complete set of utilities for http. Very reliable and can be compared to ActiveVFP. As a purchase-based package, users receive support, whic - [learn more]