Foxpro Commands MSDN Microsoft - - A complete list of foxpro9 commands and functions, the actual online manual for visual foxpro9 for Microsoft MSDN. - [learn more]

VFPX Codeplex - - This website has many well written fox code snippets and all for FREE! CJbowen has used the FoxyPreviewer and FoxBarcode utilities from this site and has been very pleased. - [learn more]

MSDN Foxpro Discussion Forums - - Post comments, issues and questions in regards to Foxpro on the official Microsoft MSDN forum. - [learn more]

Southwest Fox Conference - - Southwest Fox Conference is an annual fox programmers conference dedicated to continued education for the fox community. Conferences are held in Arizona. - [learn more] - - This website has a good collection of fox utilities and information. There are some interesting activeX utilities that may be worth trying. - [learn more] Discussion Forums - - Lots of discussion forums and threads in regards to fox here. - [learn more]