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Charles Bowen

Charles Bowen has been a dbase applications developer for over 30 years, in which he has designed four vertical market software systems for the government and health care industries, and several web streaming applications for the entertainment industry. Such applications include:

1. Police Records Keeping & Dispatch Software
2. Medical/Dental Office Management Software
3. Medical Device Manufacturing Software
4. Quality Assurance Compliance Software
5. Live video streaming delivery for online radio
6. Pay-per-view streaming delivery and security for music events
7. Websites with back-end data solutions
8. Microsoft DRM Development

Charles has extensive capabilities in the following skill areas:

1. Desktop applications
2. Web & browser based data applications
3. Data handshaking via XML and JSON
4. http communications
5. Video stream deployment & DRM development
6. Windows server administration
7. Azure & Amazon Cloud administration
8. ActiveVFP deployment and administration
9. Webpage api communications to back-end data solutions
10. Data storage research and development
11. HTML
12. Video production & editing
13. Live & Ondemand Video stream deployment & CDN handshaking
14. Technical manual & documentation writing

Charles has working knowledge in the following skill areas:

1. Windows Sharepoint Server
2. Windows SQL Server
3. Windows Office products
4. Java
5. Javascript
6. Pearl
7. Flash SWF
8. HTML5
9. Adobe Premiere & Photoshop
10. Quickbooks
11. General business management & employee supervision
12. Microsoft Bizspark administration

Charles has built data solutions/interfaces for or with the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco Ballet, State of California, United States Postal Service, police departments throughout the US, universities and colleges throughout the US, casinos in Las Vegas NV, 5150fm and other internet radio stations, entertainment pay-per-view platforms, Tommy "The Duke" Morrison Boxing, medical device manufacturers, dental offices and general businesses throughout the US.

Charles began using dbase III, then converted to Foxbase Plus when he was given a free multi-user version of the software by Foxbase during their first year of sales at Comdex. His 30 years experience has proven Foxpro to be faster, easier and more powerful then any other programming language, and has designed data storage applications that surpass SQL server performance.

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