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Amazing Student Experience

The left side of the viewing screen displays the e-book text that includes keyword hyperlinks to multimedia content that is displayed on the right side of the viewing screen. Read and interact with media simultaneously

Multimedia Content Types

Images, Wikipedia Pages, Youtube Videos, PDF Documents, Webpages, Author Notes and Music Shares

Easy Account Access
Reader Notes

Quick Purchasing
Reader Statistics
Realtime Content Updates

Teaching Tools

Instructors can create Class Sessions, inviting students to participate with a "class pass". Class sessions provide instructors with student reading statistics. Instructors may purchase class reading licenses, with free access for students, OR require students to purchase their own reading licenses as they join the class

Authoring Tools

Authors create their works fast and easy. Copy and paste chapter text, then enter multimedia by keyword - thats it! As reading pages load, we combine your text with your multimedia keyword references, displaying an amazing presentation to your readers

cjbowen manages all the reader license purchases and reader authentication. Authors are paid on the 1st and 16th of each month. cjbowen charges authors 30 cents plus 25% of the dollar amount of each license collected

Free Authoring
Instant Publishing
Reader Statistics
Comp Licenses by Email

Fast and Easy
Pay-To-View Processing
Payment Statistics
Green - No Paper

Perfect for Tutorials and Required Reading Assignments

Message from Chuck

The multimedia presentation through the interface is absolutely amazing compared to an E-book read. The service allows authors to build multimedia presentations with ease and gets their materials to their readers without delay. I wrote this website to overcome obstacles presented while writing my book and hope it enhances the delivery of important information to the education marketplace

Authors and schools with special requirements are encouraged to make contact with me at, for my goal is to provide the best multimedia viewing service available to education. Sign up for free and check out the site

Join my endeavor!

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